Each Brutale Broderie item is joyfully handcrafted with a unique self-taught ‘savoir-faire’ approach. 
All embroidery is made by hand in Pauline’s workshop in Rennes. 
The embroidered crosses are created spontaneously and freely lending a unique aspect to each piece. Designs are always created on demand and are unisex. 
The intuitive, brutality of this radical embroidery is beautifully contrasted with the softness of the cotton. 
“I use French tapestry thread, which is much thicker than embroidery thread. It’s stronger, more generous and more irregular.” 
The thread is tied at the back, giving a raw aspect to the embroidery both to the interior and to the exterior of the garment. 
Every Brutale Broderie pattern is numbered and is limited to an edition of eight. The number 8 is sacred in sculpture, the first eight copies of a work are all considered a ‘unique piece’.